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Dad’s Friend 2016 [No Subs]


Dad's Friend 2016

Release Date: 2016
Genre: Drama | Romance | Erotic | 18+
Stars: Lee Soo-min, Ahn Se-hee, Wang Hoon-ah, Lee Hyeon-jeong
Dad’s Friend 2016 about Seok-ho whose wife passed away 10 years ago, doesn’t have children and is living a simple life on the outskirts of Seoul running an agricultural agency. His gums start hurting one day but the dentist say there’s nothing wrong with him. However, the pain gets so bad it hurts his head sometimes. Seok-ho becomes sad, thinking that this is what ‘aging’ is. On his 55th birthday, his one and only friend Byeong-sik invites him to his house and makes him a birthday dinner.

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